4-5 Bedroom Oceanfront Villa in Grand Cayman
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We live on the Northside of the Island, which is directly on the Caribbean Sea.  It usually has a steady breeze (which keeps any insects from become pests) and offers great snorkeling/marine life and the absence of any crowds.  The beach has plenty of sand, but plenty of  rocky shoreline as well--so wear foot protection. At night, since there isn’t a ton of commerce or lighted signs (low “light pollution”), many nights we enjoy watching shooting stars from the sundeck. The best snorkeling on the island is about half a mile East of our home.. I give you directions 60 days prior to occupancy.
We have plenty of sand, but be sure that this is not a postcard beach that is raked every day. It is a natural beach that I have raked once a week. I have it mechanically cleaned/raked about every 4 months (see photo above). We have plenty of seashells, small rocks, etc... at the shoreline.  The backyard is very nice flat sand and is very large. The kids love it.

The surf ranges from a "high" of 4-6 feet during a storm (see left photo- 2-3 feet there) to a "dead calm" day (below left).

The sand comes and goes with the storms. Sometimes we have a steep sandy beach, and other times we have a more shallow beach with more rocks.

The photo to the left shows the clarity of the water on Cayman. If you take out the kayaks on a day like this, you can see down 25 feet with polarized glasses. It is amazing to be able to see fish at that depth from above the water!

Sometimes on these days, our guests will kayak out to the Cayman Aggressor (live aboard dive boat) moored (usually Wednesdays) on the Babylon dive site (Google that). Babylon is one of the island's best wall dives.

Old Man Bay has some of the best seashell collecting on the island. You can take a quiet walk (east or west) and not see a soul. Make sure you wear pool shoes-- I only maintain the beach behind Cayman Sands; these are natural beaches and can have sharp shells, glass, and flotsam (from cruise ships mostly) on the beach.

Remember: If it is rough on the North side of the island, it is probably calm on the south side and at Rum Point. Use that knowledge when making plans for the day or night.