As stated in the FAQ file, the availability of cooks for private hire is very much a function of the strength of the local economy.  In Jamaica , Mexico , Dominican Republic unemployment runs anywhere from 5% to 25%.  In Grand Cayman , unemployment is very low (around 3%).  We import labor from those other countries. Chefs are very well paid on the island, but I have a local lady who will cook a dinner for you & family (which I recommend). She offers great service. Our guests have hired her with excellent results. Carolyn buys the food, drives herself to the house, prepares, serves and then cleans up afterwards. It is a real luxury to have dinner served to the adults on the patio after Carolyn has fed the children and they are watching a movie in the house. There are many great restaurants on the Island …. you will want to try them. If you have a special dinner and want something more grand; contact (great caterer- does many weddings for my guests)

My personal view on hiring a full-time cook (I have had them before on other islands)…I felt obligated to hang around for lunch/dinner instead of going to the great restaurants…and not all in the group are ready to eat a big lunch/dinner at a specific time. I also was uncomfortable in Jamaica having strangers in the house while we were at the beach or shopping. That island has a ton of crime, as opposed to Grand Cayman .  I would rather the house be locked when we are not there. Same with daily maid service; however our maid (Sharon) is very trustworthy and has cleaned Cayman Sands for over 5 years with nothing missing. She is available for extra maid-service for about CI$25/hr. (about US$30/hr)

Restaurants & Chefs